Sleeping Beauty

Video art and stage design commissioned for contemporary dance performance
Choreographers: Anna Abalikhina, Ivan Evstigneev
The performance was premiered in February, 2018 at Gogol-Center Theater 
In 2019 the performance and my work (in the category of best video artist work) was nominated for Golden Mask Award 

Video-art, commisioned for contemporary dance performance Sleeping Beauty, the modern interpretation of the famous fairy tale and the classical ballet with the new twist on the topic of patriarchal gender roles. The main idea of the piece is the critic of gender prejudices which are being in the core of this classical piece. The expectations men and women have from each other are not met because they are lost in the patterns which they were taught from the childhood through fairy tales. They spend the life looking for ideal scenarios of princes and princesses, but as this scenario is wrong per se, it never happens and the life passes by as if they were asleep instead of living the reality.
Another layer of the narrative of the  performance is related to the reflections on the millennials' approach to sexuality and gender roles. What would one choose – the healthy life routine with Smoothies and Yoga or sexual play?

One of the central parts in video-art is the so called "gender related dream garden”, where the uncanny and physiologically looking candy-alike flowers bloom with the gender related body parts, the twisted and shivering roses reminds digitalised vaginas and breasts formatted as if it was some imagery futuristic botanical species.