Pixel Fun House

Interactive projection mapping installation

The idea of the installation is to play with the specific type of curved architecture and “pixelated” design of the buidling and to create a playful background out of it. We has created the “world” of pixelated imaginative creatures, each of them has a certain type of behaviour. The viewers could send a text message to the provided phone number and  his/her message triggered a new type of animation/behaviour of the creature and the message they have sent appeared in a speech-bubble of one or another character at the videofacade of the buiding.

The project was realized by Plums Fest Production in the frames of Moscow Museum's Night.
Project team:
Art-direction, idea, motion design, animation: Intektra (Anna Titovets)
Programming: Netzz (Eugene Afonin)
Illustrator: Edik Katykhin