Broken game reality

Video-artwork based on the commisioned video content for Theater Play Dyuma (Sovremennik Theater) 
Director of play: Mickhail Efremov

The idea of the theater play is to show the critics to the present Kafkian Russian reality through the depiction of the reality of the actors in a remote Russian city. The video scenography contains 8 different visual chapters accompanying the monologues of the main heroes and other video parts creating the atmosphere and introducing extra meanings to the play. The main conceptual approach for the video art for this piece is to create a surreal visual narrative which shows in a critical and absurdistic perspective the Kafkian world of Russian reality. The visual narrative and the tools used in the creation of the CG here borrows a 3d game approach, where a gamer needs to wonder the strange worlds, but the world supposedely  doesn't function very well.